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Solving the two body problem for UK academics

The Two Body Problem refers to the difficulty academic couples have finding a job at the same university or at two universities within communing distance such that they can live together … Continue reading

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The only PhD Thesis/Masters Dissertation template for Microsoft Word you will ever need

As I start to move into the writing up stage of my thesis, I have started to focus on the structure and layout of the final document. I’ve been particularly … Continue reading

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Dancing with Foxes

Last weekend I got a fantastic opportunity to fly one of only two MDM-1 Fox aerobatic gliders in the country.  The Fox is very different to other gliders, its short … Continue reading

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How to dress (and equip) like a Pilot

With winter fast approaching, its time to check up on the clothes and equipment that you need for gliding. I should start with a disclaimer, this post is meant to … Continue reading

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Success at last

After too many attempts I have finally completed my silver distance The day was looking promising with strong lift, but also strong winds from the south. Both Graham and I … Continue reading

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Varsity Match 2013

In a closely contested varsity match at Bicester, Oxford won by 371 point to 352. Captain Malcolm Morgan and Joe Roberts represented Cambridge against Chris Ballance and Matt from Oxford. Day … Continue reading

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A better Tax and Benefit System (Part 1)

The British tax and benefits system is something I spend a  lot of my free time thinking about. Why? Would be a rational question to ask. Well put simply the taxes … Continue reading

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