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Varsity Match 2013

In a closely contested varsity match at Bicester, Oxford won by 371 point to 352.

Captain Malcolm Morgan and Joe Roberts represented Cambridge against Chris Ballance and Matt from Oxford.

Day 1 – Saturday 31st August

With a day of good soaring forecast, check flights were done in the morning and the competition begun in earnest. Each pilot would submit their best flight of the day for scoring and scores would be normalised for comparison over the two days.

With the strong soaring conditions flights up to the maximum time of 50 minute were easy, so both teams were trying to maximise their score by flying as close to 50 minutes as possible and with out incurring the 6 point penalty per minute over, and scoring as many height gain points as possible, by climbing and descending repeatedly to get 2 points for each 100ft of height gain. Both teams were flying K-8 single seat gliders.

Six flights were submitted for scoring, both Malcolm (Cambridge) and Matt (Oxford) taking advantage of the improving conditions though the day to improve on their original scores. Notable flights were Chris (Oxford) doing the largest single height gain of 3,500 ft and Joe (Cambridge) performing a successful scoring flight on his first flight in a K-8.

Name Duration (min) Total Height Gains (feet) Score Normalised Score
Malcolm (Cambridge) 50 6,300 176 100
Matt (Oxford) 45 6,300 171 97
Chris (Oxford) 45 5,700 159 90
Joe (Cambridge) 47 5,100 149 85

At the end of the day Oxford has a small lead with 188 to Cambridge’s 185 points. Rivalry was put aside as the team retired to the bar.

Day 2 – Sunday 1st September

With the score so close the competition heated up for the second and final day of the completion. The conditions had changed. It was a ‘blue day’ meaning there were no clouds to mark the locations of the thermals, and strong winds bringing wave interference from the welsh mountains.

The day started slowly with both teams waiting for a layer of hazy cloud to clear and signs of thermals. Malcolm (Cambridge) made the first move launching at 12:45, and submitting another 50 minute flight, by using side slipping to descend 2,500 ft in two minutes. Oxford soon followed with Chris (Oxford) getting the highest climb of the day.

Name Duration (min) Total Height Gains (feet) Score Normalised Score
Malcolm (Cambridge) 50 3,900 128 100
Matt (Oxford) 49 3,600 121 95
Chris (Oxford) 50 3,200 114 98
Joe (Cambridge) 51 2,100 86 67

Despite Cambridge’s best efforts Oxford had managed to slightly extend their early lead to give a final score of Oxford 371, Cambridge 352.

Both teams retired to club house for celebratory pizza before returning home. We would like to thank OUGC for organising the Varsity Match and to Windrushers Gliding Club for hosting the competition. We look forward to next years match.


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