Neural Discharge

The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.


Welcome to Neural Discharge the official blog of Dr Malcolm Morgan.

This is my semi-professional place to keep tack of my various projects both in my professional capacity as an academic, and my various hobbies and interests such as gliding.

I make not commitments to keeping this blog up-to-date because  doing in things always comes before writing about doing things but there may be updated an improvements to some of my ongoing projects.


Research into Sustainable development, urban form, and urban design


Research Gate

Centre for Sustainable Development

My PhD Template for MS Word, by far my most successful blog post to date


Gliding, my on going efforts to make gliding theory videos on my YouTube Channel

Cambridge University Gliding Club

Young Scientists Journal, I was a co-founder and I continue to support YSJ on an ad-hock basis

Photography, I also have a Flickr


Occasional work on writing my manifesto for a better world / UK.


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